Bridal Flower Crowns


They are and always will be my absolute favourite bridal hair accessory that you can have. They are just oh so whimsical, romantic and pretty that you just can’t go wrong.

Every time a bride lets me know that they will be having a flower crown on their wedding day, I can’t help but let out a little ‘Squee!’ of excitement.

Boho is at its height of popularity right now and flower crowns a riding that wave along with it.

As I predominantly create bohemian hair styles I’ve seen my fair share of different styles and colour combos of flower crowns.

So I thought I could help you lovely brides out and give you a bit of help on how to pick the best flowers, colours and style of crown to perfectly suit you.

Bridal Flower Crown

What hair style is best for a flower crown?

Your flower crowns needs to be an accent to the whole of your style and to not be the whole focus of your look.

If you choose to take your crown off later in the day or evening your hair style and outfit needs to still look beautiful and tie in together. For this reason I usually recommend down styles or simple elegant up styles.

If you choose an up style that is intricate with curls and braids, it will become way to busy when you add the crown on top also.

A simple half up style with most of your luscious locks out or a simple low chignon bun are, I think, the best styles to go with a crown.

Bridal Flower Crown - Him & Her Events


What colours look best in my hair?

All flowers look beautiful in any hair type, it just depends if you want the flowers to blend with your hair or to pop!

If you wish your crown to be subtle then pick flowers that have shades and hues similar to your hair colour.

If, for example, you are a brunette you should stick with burgundies and deep warm reds.

However if you’re wanting your crown to pop then do the exact opposite. Blondes look awesome with bright pinks and blues and red heads look gorgeous with pops of white.

Make sure you speak with your florist to ensure the flowers and their colours are in season and have the sustainability to last throughout your wedding day.

Beautiful Wedding

Get the boho look

Most crowns are made by your florist with thick wire that is shaped to mould your head. It is however, necessary to throw in a few bobby pins to ensure that it is stable.

Hair spray your hair before you put your crown on, Flowers and hair spray do not mix and you don’t want your flowers looking sad when it’s not necessary.

Do not keep your crown in the fridge, some foods can cause your flowers to brown, keep them in your bathroom next to the cool tiles.

Also try to handle your crown as little as possible, the more you touch those delicate petals the more they bruise and brown.

Whimsical Hair - Him & Her Events

Making your own flower crowns can be easy and pretty fun and I would definitely recommend you try it out at your bridal shower or hens.

However for your wedding day I strongly recommend you have your florist create yours as the time consumed creating it and possible stress is not something you need on the morning of your wedding day.

Flower crowns are a stunning accessory for your wedding day.
Always say yes to flower crowns!!! 🙂


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