Bridal Beauty Regime
Alright you’ve made it. It is the week before the wedding, everything is organised and it should be smoother sailing from here on in right?


The week before you say ‘I do’ is the most stressful and can easily allow for silly mistakes to be made that you will regret.

Skip the drama and read these essential hair tips to having a fail safe beauty regiment for your wedding day.

Plan plan plan

Planning on the calendarThis is the best way to ensure nothing gets forgotten and isn’t fixed sloppily right before the wedding.

Ensure you begin planning the week in advance (at least 2-3 months) so that you can confirm the appropriate appointments with all the beauticians necessary.

Every booking needs to be spaced perfectly so that you skin has recovered and is ready to be perfect.

Beginning with your brows they need to be shaped and waxed 5 days before your nuptials. This allows for any redness and swelling to calm down and therefore be naturally perfect.

Fancy a tan?

If a tan is on the agenda, spray tans must first be trailed 2-3 months before the big day in order to decide on the perfect shade that will go with your dress.

Following this, your spray needs to be booked 2 weeks before the wedding, this allows the tan to settle and set naturally.

This also applies to any trims or highlights that you plan on styling in your hair. These beauty tips will ensure that you will be properly primped on your wedding day.

Quick tips for the day

One last little tip that I can extend is for on your wedding day whilst you are getting your hair and make up done. Wear a button down shirt or dress that can be removed over you shoulders and not you head.

By going over your head you could easily smudge some make up or frizz/undo your newly perfected hair. Save the stress and wear an easily removable top.

If you make time to ensure you follow these tips and time-lines you will have a fail safe wedding day lead up.


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