Unravelledhair Ethereal Wonderment Avant-garde Photoshoot

A great passion of mine is to not only style beautiful bridal hair styles but also to create avant-garde hair styles and photoshoots. I love to get creative and make abnormal (yet beautiful) shapes and styles in hair that are not usually seen.

This year I took a trip to America and visited Disneyland for the first time with my partner and his family.

It was the most joyful holiday I have ever experienced, the magic created there can be compared to nothing else.

When we returned home I was inspired to show my love and appreciation for Disney and decided that best way I could show this was with hair and a photoshoot.

Creating and styling this shoot brought fourth all of my creative juices and I spent hours in craft shops gathering materials for costumes, scrolling the internet for hair inspiration and running through forests whilst it was raining to find the perfect locations.

I was also lucky to work with the most wonderful team of creatives who perfectly brought all my ideas to life.

I was incredibly blessed to work with these beautiful humans and would recommend to anyone that working with them is an absolute dream.

Please enjoy this work of love and passion, there are plenty more shoots like this to come.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Phoebe Hofsteefe – @hofsteedephotography

VIDEOGRAPHY // Camille Chesterton – @camillechesterton

MUA // Louise Hansen – @louhansencreative

MODEL (Mermaid) // Maia Knibb – @heymaia

MODEL (Snow) // Olivia Chesterton – @olliviaarose

DREAM CATCHERS // Ali Murray – @aleh_creations

HAIR STYLING & SHOOT STYLING // Emily Delaurence, Unravelled Hair – @unravelledhair


This photoshoot has been published on Whim Magazine online.




Applying makeup
Applying makeup and hairspray
Brushing and curling the hair
Snow photoshoot
Snow photoshoot
Snow photoshoot
Snow photoshoot
Mermaid Photoshoot
Mermaid Photoshoot
Mermaid Photoshoot
Mermaid Photoshoot
Mermaid Photoshoot


One response on “Ethereal Wonderment: An Avant-Garde Photoshoot

  1. Emily these Disney inspired photos are truly amazing! You have a real talent. Keep up the great work 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what other photoshoots you create in the future!

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