Hollywood waves are a classic style that will never go out of fashion!

This style is perfect for any formal occasion when you want to show a little flair. Wear your hair out and free in the style and you will certainly be the centre of attention at any event.

Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Waves video Hollywood Curls tutorial

This style is also a great accessory for so many popular costumes. For example, you can match this style with Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe or when you are dressing up as a sexy 007 Bond Girl!

Jessica Rabbit hairstyle

To create this style you definitely need either a curling wand or straightener, as well as crocodile clips, brush and HAIR SPRAY! Ahhhh hair spray, a hair stylists best friend.

This amazing hair style is all types of FUN whilst being super stylish at the same time!

If you need a little extra help to create this style then check out my video tutorial which is linked below.

Hollywood Curls Hairstyle Tutorial Video

Watch the Hollywood Curls hairstyle tutorial to learn how to have beautiful and classy Hollywood curls in your hair!

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Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Curls how to steps

Follow these steps one after the other and you will very quickly have your own beautiful Hollywood curls hair style!

  • Create a deep part to your preferred side and brush through your hair.
  • Now separate your hair into smaller sections. This is to help by creating smaller parts of hair to curl. I am separating my hair into 3 sections.
  • Before curling each section make sure you spray thermal protectant onto your hair and comb it evenly through your hair. This will help protect your hair from the heat.
  • Now curl your hair on the side of your head on your preferred part rotating the curls towards your face. Continue this side until all hair sections are curled
  • The other side of your head is to be curled away from your face. Continue this on each section until all of your hair is curled.
  • Curl the last two top front sections of your hair and pin with small crocodile clips whilst the hair cools.
  • Once your hair has cooled, carefully brush the curls semi-out and shape and mould them with your hands.
  • Pin back side with the outer curls with two bobby pins.
  • Finish your hairstyle by spritzing you hair generously with hair spray so that the curls stay curled throughout the day.


You now have sexy Hollywood waves perfect for any formal occasion or dress up party!

If you’re styling this for a costume or even any type of formal event, please let me know how you went with this style in the comments below.

Do you like my fun Jessica Rabbit costume to go along with this easy Jessica Rabbit hairstyle tutorial?

Jessica Rabbit Hairstyle

Jessica Rabbit hairstyle

How about doing this hairstyle tutorial for something more formal?
It looks great for formal wear too!
Hollywood Curls

Hollywood Curls


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