4 Ways To Make Your Thin Hair Thick
I have a few lovely clients who message me or ask at appointments, how can I possibly make my thin hair thicker?

It’s a problem that I know a fair few ladies struggle with. I thought I’d create a quick post that will help in making your hair life easier!


1. Braid your hairDutch braid crown

are my favourite and a girls best friend!

Braids are always great as a simple yet elegant hair accessory, but they can sneakily make your hair look more voluminous by simply pancaking them.

Also by leaving them in over night or whilst air drying your hair you are creating natural thickness and volume to your otherwise thin and limp hair.


Long Curly Hair2. Wash your hair

The more you wash your hair the more it becomes reliant on the chemicals found in shampoo and conditioner.

If you change up your hair washing schedule to every second day and then third or fourth, your hair will become less reliant.

The more chemicals you put in your hair the quicker it becomes greasy and lifeless. Gross.

Less shampoo = More VOLUME!

3. Heat & a round brushFinalising-Your-Wedding-Hairstyle

Use a hair dryer and a round brush to create volume at the roots of your hair.

The round brush will create texture in your hair (similar to back combing) and heat will expand your hair, creating thicker fuller hair!


4. Dry shampoo your hair

Dry Shampoo I love love love dry shampoo!

If you aren’t already you NEED to get on the dry shampoo train, it’s stopping all stations to awesome hair-ville.

Great in second and third day hair, it soaks up your unwanted oils whilst also creating volume after you have massaged it into your scalp.

I cannot recommend dry shampoo enough if you’re wanting quick volume!!

Put aside the extra time everyday to give your hair a little more attention and you can easily have thick full hair of your own!


If you need a little help in executing these nifty tips and tricks then you need to simply head over to the Unravelled Hair hair tutorials. We have both step by step instructions and video tutorials that will help you master any hair styling tips that you may need help in.

Please comment below if you have any handy tips on how to create quick and easy volume.


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