7 Things To Know Before Cutting Hair Short
As we are swiftly coming into the warmer months of summer, there are predominantly two types of hair styles girls long for; long mermaid hair and cool cropped styles.

Soon the humidity will truly begin to rise and for those of us who cannot deal with the heat, we will be madly throwing our hair into high buns.

Either this or striding in to see a hair stylist and saying ‘chop it’.

LOB’s (long bobs) are very popular right now, as well as pixie cuts, so it will not be hard to find inspiration and quickly get excited about a summer friendly hair cut.

However, before you march off to meet the scissors you must first consider the following:

kelseakphotography-1431. Shorter Hair means Tighter Hair

When your hair is longer and heavier the more loose and relaxed it is, forming into soft waves or loose curls.

However, when you’re hair is shorter it is also lighter causing the texture of your hair to be stronger. Possibly asking for more Shirley Temple curls.

2. It will take less time to style your hairShort hair holding sparkler

The big draw card of having shorter hair is that there is less styling in the bathroom of a morning.

For the ultimate textured lazy styling, dry your hair only 50% and run some styling products through your strands.

Let your hair dry naturally looking effortless and sexy.

3. Less product use

Since you have less hair to clean, maintain and style that means you wont go through your products as fast.

With shorter hair you will save money on hair products as you will be able to use less. This means they will last longer. AWESOME!

Bridal Hair with bouquet - A Darling Affair4. Short hair means more cuts

In order to maintain your new do you must realise that the up keep is incredibly important.

When you have long hair you can go much further between trims, but with a short styled cut you will be seeing the stylist chair a lot more often.

download-15. A big hair cut is a big deal

You don’t realise how invested you are to your hair until you get a huge hair cut.

So I completely recommend thinking long and hard before making the chop.

Change is always good though right?

6. Hair doesn’t just grow back over night

As much as you say ‘I can always just grow it back’, which is true, it wont be completely grown back for a long while.

Your hair on average grows by about 1/2 an inch per month. So if your going from mermaid to pixie realise this will be a bit emotional and it’s a big commitment.

15252256136_cc064a6ed7_b7. You loose you bad hair day safety net

When you have long hair and its just not doing what it’s told you can quickly put it in a messy bun and be done with it.

But with short hair there is no hiding just re-styling.

You must realise short hair is a commitment like no other, styling every other day, there are no safety nets here!


I am definitely one to go and get an impulse hair cut once every blue moon, but not without careful consideration.

Go for the short easy hair style as long as you remember that it will be a while before you can call yourself a mermaid once more.


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