Thick Hair VS Thin Hair

There are lots of different advantages and pains to having thick hair or thin hair. Check out our basic ‘do’s and don’ts for your hair, to help make it the best that it can be.


Thick hair v.s. thin hair

Thin Hair Tips

Most people with thin hair, all they want to do is make volume! They want to make their hair
bigger and thicker than what it really is, so that they may be able to style their hair like everybody.
Well for all of your thin haired people your are in luck! There are definitely a few things that you can do every do to trick your hair into thinking that it is thicker than what it really is.

When blow drying you hair, first sprits some sea salt spray into your hair. The sea salt spray creates a gritty texture and causes the hair to stand taller on its own. Buy your own sea salt spray.

Dry ShampooWhilst blow drying your hair you can also add a little extra height by blowing drying your hair upside down. By doing this you are training your hair to dry in the opposite direction that it’s used to creating extra natural volume.’

Another product that you are going to want to get your hot little hand around is some Bastiste dry shampoo. Not only is dry shampoo great for soaking up your natural oils, its awesome for creating some extra height. All you need to do it spray some into your roots, massage it onto your scalp add a little back combing and VOILA, you got yourself some serious volume going.

Thick Hair Tips

Some people claim to have thick hair, but you KNOW when you have thick hair when the idealouise-henzell-tiffanys-779 of putting your hair in a top knot bring thoughts of dread because you know the weight of your bun will simply not be supported by your scalp or one measly hair tie.

One easy thing that you can do to remedy this is to go to the hair dresser and add long layers into your hair. This way you get to keep your well earned length and you get to lighten your load! You may even be able to wear your hair out in the summer heat!

Reduce the stress on your scalp and perhaps try a lengthier hair style. Styles such as plaits and braids will allow for control of your mane whilst also keeping it off your neck, and you know, also looking fabulous.

REAL TALK: Always make sure you buy more hair elastics and bobby pins than you think is necessary. As much as you can fantasise about your hair, lets be honest, it needs real support. Make sure you purchase strong bobby pins, the ones at supermarkets aren’t going to do anything for your hair, they’re just going to slip right out.


Thin Hair – Things to Avoid

Okay so we’ve discussed the magical things that can help liven your hair up a bit, now let’s talk about the things that could possibly be weighing your hair down and causing it to be unnecessarily flat.jr1ml58regvi2duzvtf2_wgipr8-xqhipp9lxggb_5mzmudjfb4p0ngq3hzldqhqmrzfhaz7nce-og4p94d0p4ay6ik0zum-olpmgsezoxpuo4-jdd_2zdpvrmbejkv7c-1024x683

Be very cautious when using product in your hair when you don’t have that much hair to work with. If you are putting too much product into your hair you will be weighing it down causing it sit low when you are wanting the exact opposite.

If you are rocking a shorter hair style when you have thin hair, I would highly recommend talking to your hair dresser about including extra layers into your style. With a few extra layers, it encourages your hair to naturally volumise when blow drying.

PRO TIP: When you are washing your hair focus on shampooing your roots and only ever condition your tips. The rots of your hair don’t need conditioner, your natural oils will take of this. If  you add extra conditioner  to your roots it will cause them to sit flat and it will be hard to encourage them to fluff or volumise.

Thick Hair – Things to Avoid

When you have thick hair there are a few things that you can in your every day routine that will make handling your hair that much easier.

female_wet_hair_strands_face_turnedAvoid washing your hair every day, by  washing your hair every single day, you are encouraging it to rely on chemicals. Washing it every day causes your scalp to produce extra oils than necessary, making it near impossible to style. Train your hair by washing it less and you will be so thankful.

When looking for brushed for thick hair I usually suggest staying away from thistle brushes. My suggestion is to use a wide tooth comb, they separate and detangle knots and help to create styles without causing excess frizz.

A great way to control a thick hair out style is to have had it blow dried into nice controlled waves or large curls. This an awesome style, the only thing I would suggest is taking your time in creating the style. If you use to high a heat or too high a level of air, you will find that you will be creating a large frizz ball rather than a nice sleek style. Use low settings, and when you are finished with a section be sure to lock the style by blowing through cold air into the finished section.

Boho Bridesmaid Hair styles

If you follow along with my top do’s and don’ts with styling and controlling you hair, than you will find that your hair will be better behaved and you will enjoy it a whole lot more. If you have any tips or tricks for thick or thin hair that you have discovered and absolutely cannot live without, then let me know in the comments, I would LOVE to know.


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