Are you wanting to become a super awesome hair stylist, and be able to successfully follow along with all of my tutorials? Then you are going to need a few basic hair products and tools. I have listed my basic hair accessories and tools below, that you will need for most hair styles. I have also linked where you can buy most of these products yourself online.

Bridesmaid Dutch Braids

If you have any hair products or tools that you can’t live or style without, than please comment below, I’d love to know!


HAIR DONUT: This is the great secret behind the Ballerina Bun! Check out the Ballerina Bun tutorial to learn how to do the ballerina bun in your hair. You can also use different sized hair donuts for differing up styles.

Hair padding is a necessary tool when it comes to creating voluminous hair styles. If, for example, you have short hair or thin hair, its the perfect little helper to add size and volume.

Ballerina Bun Hair Tutorial - side

If you live in the performance world and need something that will keep your hair in place and off your face then using a hair donut is definitely a great answer. It’s a great secure way to secure your hair and ensure that it doesn’t come loose at any time.

Fishtail Envy

When I say that using a hair donut for creating volume is good for up-styles you don’t need to necessarily use it in the traditional sense. You can take your hair donut by holding the shape together, pinning it to your head and draping your hair over the top for a nice chignon bun.

Hair donuts are great for so many different uses, it’s an accessory that everyone needs!  Purchase your Hair Donut...


MUK CURLING WAND: This is a great curler for creating everyday wavy hair, mermaid curls, or natural bouncy curls.

Getting the muk wand is awesome because you can interchange which barrel size you use by simply changing the heads over. The medium sized barrel is my absolute favourite, I use this to create volume for my up-styles, and also for the textured look when I create beach waves or relaxed curls.

Sarah & Josh Wedding

To create Hollywood waves I use the largest barrel, the width of the wand allows for a larger curl which is exactly what you want with this classic look. If you’re wanting to create large, bouncy, romantic curls, I would recommend you use the largest barrel as well.

Neil Wedding

Having three different barrel sizes, it gives you the freedom to create multiple different curled styles. The wand itself is made with titanium which is great for your hair. Buy your own muk wand.


GHD Straightener: Depending on how thick your hair is, you should straighten smaller amounts at a time in order to get straighter hair. You can also use this magical tool to create gorgeous loose curls.

Summer Beach Waves

What makes the new GHD curlers so great is that they have a tri heating system. This means that there are three heating points along each plats to ensure that it heats quickly, and an even amount of heat is distributed at all times.


I rarely use my straightener to straighten hair, I mainly use it to create beach waves. For clients with shorter hair who want a texture look, I immediately go to use my straightener every time. Having the clamp allows me to hold onto the wave the whole way, until the tips of the hair.

You can purchase one Purchase you GHD Straightener.


CLEBoho BraidsAR ELASTICS: These are great for formal hair styles. They hold the core of the hair style together and secure, whilst camouflaging into the natural hair colour.

I use these clear elastics for almost every single up-style that I create. These elastics are what hold the foundation of most up-do’s, they are strong and will not break!!! If you have longer or thicker hair, using these hair ties allows for greater security for the structure of your style.

You can purchase these elastics at most chemists and super markets, however they only come in small quantities and at an expensive price. I would highly suggest purchasing them online in bulk, it will save you a tonne of $$$ and time, trust me.

Buy your Clear Elastics.




BOBBY PINS: These little pins seem to have the magical ability to grow legs and run away when your back is turned. Keep them in a safe place and they will always come in handy securing a ‘do’, always ensure the pin colour matches your hair for a seamless look.


They can be frustrating with their little disappearing acts, but honestly, where would we be without these amazing little pins. Especially these ones!! These hair pins are stronger than normal and you can actually feel how secure your style is when you slide them into your hair.

I will literally do Beyonce dancing and not have a care in the world, because I know with these bobby pins, I don’t have a thing to to worry about.

Babalou Events Photoshoot

What’s great about these bobby pins is that they come in three different colours. The bronze colour is the one I use most, as it blends into most natural hair colours, other than black of course 😉

p.s. the sign of a good bobby pin is that you cant spot it in a style!

Purchase your Bobby Pins.


TEASING BRUSH: If you would like to get that wonderful height and texture in your up style
s than you will need to invest in a teasing brush. Once you get one you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

A lot of people shy away from using a teasing brush because they think their hair will end up being bigger then Ben Hur! This is simply not the case, back combing creates texture and strength in your hair that you need, even if it only for a little extra height or volume.


I also use this brush to smooth over particularly gritty parts of a hairstyle or to even out a style after back combing. It’s a must have for any type of styling, make sure you get one asap.

Get your new Teasing Brush.





SECTIONING CLIPS: Sectioning Clips are super helpful little friends for while you are straightening or curling your hair, or if you are styling separate parts of  hair at a time.


These clips are super awesome because they have such a tight hold with their grip tongs at the top of the clips. Styling is made so much easier with these clips because they allow me the freedom to work on one section at a time, without other sections of hair getting in the way.

Buy your Sectioning Clips..


DUCKBILL CLIPS:  These clips are absolutely necessary for creating amazing Hollywood Waves or for holding a style in place while it sets.

PRO TIP: When you have brushed out your curls for a Hollywood wave, set your style by placing these duckbill clips into each waved section. This ensure that your down-style will hold throughout your event.

Purchase your Duckbill Clips.




THERMAL SPRAY: Before using any hot tools on your hair it is absolutely necessary to protect your hair with a spritz of thermal spray.10579933_577455005733312_572064437_o

A lot of people skip the heat protectant and apply hot tools straight to their hair. This is a BIG ‘no, no’. By putting hot tools on your hair without protectant you are causing your hair major damage! Heat damage causes breakage and split ends, your hair isn’t as healthy and become less voluminous and weak.

It doesn’t take much to put some in your hair, just do it and your hair will be forever thankful!.

Purchase my favourite heat protectant, White Sands. It also smells good.


DRY SHAMPOO: This is the best Dry Shampoo that I’ve ever used! Bastiste comes in a wide range of scents and colouring to suite every hair type.screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-4-21-31-pm

DRY SHAMPOO IS AH-MAAAZZZZZIINNNGGGGG. It’s seriously the best. I only ever wash my hair once or twice a week, and therefore heavily rely n dry shampoo to make sure I don’t look like a hobo. It soaks up oils and sweat like a champ.

I also use Bastiste when I am creating upstyles that require a lot of volume and strength. Their volumising dry shampoo is amazing, it instantly creates texture and height even in the thinnest of hair.

Buy your Bastiste.




If you have any hair products or hair tools that you absolutely CANNOT live without, than please comment them below. I am always on the look out for new thing to add to my already bursting hair styling collecting. A girl can never have too much hair products or tools! 😉





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