Fishtail Flip
Hair Buns

This lovely Fishtail Flip is a great hair style to keep handy in your back pocket for your next formal occasion. Easy to do, this hair style will earn many compliments!

Fishtail Bun
Hair Buns

This lovely original do will separate you from the crowd. It’s a great style for multiple occasions, easily dressed up with some hair accessories, so give it a go!

Layered Bun
Hair Buns

This is a sophisticated hair style suitable for a fancy dinner or a wedding. So get styling lovelies, this a hair style I know you can all master before your next night out!

Formal Bun
Hair Buns

My dears this a lovely Formal Bun suitable for every occasion! This tutorial is super simple and quick so have a look and give it a go.

Braid a Knot
Hair Buns

The Braid a Knot was a requested tutorial by Natalie, Thank you Natalie! This is a gorgeous simple style that keeps your hair out of the way and still looks pretty, go on check it out!

The Twist

The Twist is great for the start of a formal hair do, or a perfect style for short hair! So round up your remaining bobby pins and get styling!

Oktoberfest a Braid
Hair Braids

Having been inspired by a few lovely friends overseas enjoying the drunken wonders of Octoberfest in Germany I decided to make a Hair tutorial ‘Germany’ themed. It’s a bit of fun, so check it out!

The Basic Plait

Basic Plait: Need a bit of a reminder on how to do the traditional plait? check this quick tutorial out!

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