Fishtail Plait

THE FISHTAIL PLAIT! Oh my goodness this do is quite the rage right now, check out this tutorial and see how its done!

Classic French Braid
Hair Braids

Styled tightly or loosely, the Inward Braid is great for keeping your hair out of your eyes whilst your doing all your important activities!

Classic Dutch Braid
Hair Braids

The Outward Braid is great for keeping your hair neat and tidy! Check out this tutorial, and find out how to do it on your own hair

Mermaid Braid
Hair Braids

Such a sweet do! The Mermaid Braid looks cute and is great for pulling your hair back whilst pouring over books

The Bow
Creative Hairstyles

The Bow is such an incredibly cute style! Its the upgrade of putting your hair into a bun. Check out the tutorial and see how easily it is done

Bow Tie
Creative Hairstyles

With this hair do you will never have to worry about finding another ribbon again! This new simple style will WOW anyone who gets to see it

Braiding the Bun
Hair Buns

What a lovely way to keep your hair off your neck as we get into hot summers! This gorgeous do just adds a little bit of zing to your hair, YAY!

Ballerina Bun
Hair Buns

The secret behind the sophisticated Ballerina Bun has been revealed! Check out all the secrets in this tutorial!

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