Have you always wondered how to just do a basic plait? But now you’ve gotten to a certain age and it’s somewhat expected that you should know this and now you’re too embarrassed to ask how?

Well worry no more! Here is a super simple tutorial for you to follow.

Plaiting can be a bit complicated if you are just starting out for the first time so don’t stress, just practice!
Basic Plait Hair Tutorial

Basic plait tutorial video Basic Plait written tutorial

Plaits are awesome for those relaxing days at home where you want your hair out of your eyes but you would still like it to hang around and frame your face.

I love to wear them two by two, but you can also fashion it into one down your back if you are serious about getting down to business.

Items you need for this hairstyle

For this tutorial you will need: A comb, two hair ties and some limber fingers 😉

If you would like more of a visual lesson and would like to follow along with me than check out my video tutorial below, then we can plait together!

I have also made steps for you to follow underneath the video. Follow each step to learn how to do the plait on your hair.

Hair Plaits Video Tutorial

Watch the Plaiting hair tutorial to become a hair plaiting master! Learn how to plait your hair.

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How to Plait your hair

Follow each step to learn how to plait your hair. Click on one of the videos to zoom in.

  • To create two plaits you need to section your hair into two and place each section over your shoulder near to your face. This way the sections won’t get caught up in another causing a mess.
  • Take 2 fingers into your first section of hair and divide that section into 3 equal parts. Make sure these parts are nice and separate and there aren’t any knots joining parts together.
  • Now we begin the plait, YAY! Take your middle section bringing it up and over the back outer section. Bring that back outer section into the middle, this is now the middle section.
  • Take your now middle section and take it up and over the front outer section and bring the front out section into the middle, this is now the middle section.
  • Now repeat these steps until you have reached the desired length of your plait.
  • Plaiting the hair...
  • Once you have reached the desired length you can optionally choose to texturise your plait like I do. To texturise your plait simply pull each part of the plait releasing parts of the hair as you go to create a fat texturised look.
  • Once you are happy with the look of your plait, use an elastic to tie off the bottom of the plaited hair.
  • Repeat steps 2-8 on the other side of hair to make a plait on the other side of your head.

Look, LOOK! A nice plait ready for any occasion.

Keep practising this technique and you will be a super hair plaiter in no time!
The Basic Plait Hair StylePlait Hair StyleBasic Plait Hairstyle

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How to Plait Your Hair Tutorial


8 responses on “The Basic Plait

  1. The GIFs hit the mark with me since it makes it so much easier to follow along. I love wearing plaits but I can never braid my own hair, it’s like I have two left hands #clumsy. I just followed your plait tutorial and this girl did her first braid ever YAY!

  2. One question, though, what styling products should I use if I have very thin curly hair? I know, not the perfect combo, and this makes any braid look too thin…There’s no way in hell I can get to have that much volume and thickness!

  3. I was just looking at your Basic Plait Hair Tutorial and want to say thankyou for creating such an easy to follow guide.
    My hair is really long so putting them up into nice thick plaits makes my hair look really cute.

    I like how you “texturize” your plaits to make them really thick. I have started doing that myself. By doing that on my hair, means that the length of the plait is shortened which is good on days when I don’t want to have long hair.

    Thanks for this cute hairstyle tutorial.

  4. Thank you so much Emily!!! Now I can finally do plaits!!! Your a hair genius! Can you please do a video on Youtube on how to do a braid!!! I have been waiting for years on how to do a braid! And I do know that that there are lots of other ‘how to do a braid’ videos but your hair videos are more simple and easy to understand than the other ones!

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